Service , Commitment , Global perspective

Sepidan Cheme Gostar, SCGco, is a trading company, established in 1998, engaged in a wide range of activities including providing consulting , sales and marketing services and import and export in different areas. SCGco offers consulting and market service (sales and distribution) in four major areas of:
  1. Petrochemical and Plastics
  2. Chemicals
  3. Metal and Minerals
  4. Pulp and Paper products
SCGco’s diverse experienced team of experts with up-to-date knowledge of Iran’s domestic market and international state of affairs makes SCGco a trusted and valuable partner.  By having global perspective our goal is  to satisfy costumer's need by providing exceptional service followed by long term through commitment. We hope that our exceptional consulting and market-service’s capabilities help us to build a long term business relation with your esteemed company.
Achievement is a matter of commitment. Emerging markets such as Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, hold enormous potential for the chemicals and plastic industries. Read More
Pulp and paper products
SCGco was engaged in pulp and paper products since the beginning of its establishment. Pulp and paper division was the first established division of this company. Read More
Polymers and Plastics
Our Petrochemicals and plastics divisions were active in trading many materials including …. Read More