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Having the population of more than 75 millions and possessing rich diverse natural resources make  Iran's chemical industries quite competitive in some areas and on the other hand its growing market needs huge amount of investment and imported  materials and chemicals are no exceptions. Hence, there are great potentials for either promoting particular chemicals in Iran's market and also for use of Iranian origin chemicals in international markets including CIS, Eastern Countries including China and Korea , Europe and South American countries.

    Here in SCGco's Chemical division we have a professional team of experts focusing on wide range of materials. Major materials we are working on are: Master Batch, different paraffin and Vaseline, diverse chemicals and aromatics. Some of the products and their specifications can be found as follow:

White Petroleum Jelly /Vaseline

  • Grade "A":Pharmaceutical/Medical Grade(USP/BP)
  • Grade "B":(Cosmetic,Suitale for indirect food use)
  • Grade "C":Industrial Use( dust collector)

Liquid paraffin / white oil

  • Grade "A":Pharmaceutical/Medical
  • Grade "B":(Cosmetic,Suitable)
  • Grade "C":Industrial Use

Paraffin Wax Semi-Refined

  • 1-6% Oil with a Melting Point of  64-67^c slab From

Candle Jelly

Granulated Paraffin Wax

Natural sodium petroleum sulfonates

Micro Wax

Recycled Vaseline (Industrial Usage)

Cable Filing Compounds


Modified Bitumen/Isulation Compound

classification of modified bitumen:
  • Grade60/70
  • Grade 85/100

Master Batch


Which includes:  
  • 1.1 BCF (bulked continues filament) for carpet for example
  •  1.2 CF(Continues Filament) Yarns.for curtains and so on.
  •  1.3 FDY(fully drown yarn).curtains and weanen parts.
  •  1.4 POY(partly oriented yarn)
  •  1.5 DTY(draw textured yarn)
  •  1.6 Staple Fiber which is divided to normal ditex and low ditex or fine denir.
  •  1.7 ADDITIVES for PET fibers like anti UV ….and IV modifier and some processing aid according to what customers need.
  They are different types of polyester fibers.

2:PET Bottle

Which is divide to
  • 2.1:Perform industry .In this case at the first preforme get produced and then after that with blow moulding system bottle get produced.
  • 2.2:Stretch blow moulding industry which is one step line.
  • 2.3 Anti UV for Bottles
  • 2.4 Fast Reheating Agent
Some others according to what customers need .    

3:PP Fiber.

  • 3.1 BCF
  • 3.2 CF
  • 3.3 Staple fiber

4:Additives for PP and PE

  • 4.1 anti UV additives
  • 4.2 slip agent Additive
  • 4.3 anti blocking Agent
  • 4.4 anti statics
  • 4.5 anti oxidants

5 CAP for PET bottles


Styrene Monomer




Mixed Xylene

Acetic Acid


Epi Chloro Hydrine (EPH)

Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG)

Other chemicals & Aromatics



Ammonium Nitrate

Ammonium Sulfate



Soda Ash

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Hypochlorite



Tri Ethylene Glycol (TEG)

Sodium Carbonate Heavy

Sodium Carbonate Light

Caustic Soda



Nitric Acid

Hydrogen Chloride


Ethyl Benzene

Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM)