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Metals and Minerals

The supply chain in ores and metals has changed drastically in recent years. Along with these changes there is an increasing level of risk, balanced with potential opportunities. Gaining from a rich, diverse resources Iran can play a great role in this Market. hence, SCGco Metal and Minerals division wants to fully utilize these opportunities for the benefit of our customers.

Ore is seldom found where it can be processed, and must be transported great distances before it can fulfil its role in the economy. Due to the distances travelled, risk management is essential.  We try our best by being reliable committed open and flexible to help our costumers during all parts of trade.

Over the years Metals and Minerals division was involved in trading different ores and major ones are including:


1-Raw materials

-Ferro silicon manganese -Ferro silicon magnesium -Ferro chrome and Ferro Manganese -Chrome concentrate -Zink concentrate -Plumb concentrate -Iron ore -Molybdenum oxide   - Nobel alloys -alloys with gold, platinum and palladium.-Master Alloys - a master alloy is a base metal such as aluminum, copper or nickel combined with a relatively high percentage of one or two other elements. An example is AlTi10 - a binary alloy consisting of 10% titanium in aluminum. A master alloy is a semi-finished Product. It is manufactured for use as a raw material by the metals industry. Master alloys are produced in various shapes. Examples are: ingot, waffle plate, rod in coils, etc.

2-Raw materials for refractory and ceramic

-Barium carbonate -Barium sulfate -Bentonite -Kaolin